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July 23, 2012

Guest Post! ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Fern Pattern Inspiration...

I'm finally back from vacation and ready for some inspiration! This is Heather Elizabeth Design's first guest post.  Here is a writer from Arcadian Lighting on fern pattern inspiration. A little 'green' product for your Monday morning :) Enjoy!

Hi there! I’m Joanna, a guest writer for Arcadian Lighting, a premier online source for every style and finish of lighting fixtures. I create guest posts such as this one for lovely design blogs. I’m passionate about anything and everything interior design. I love collecting decorating ideas and images like the ones below. Today, I’m posting about fern patterns for the home. With eco-friendly interiors in mind, decorating with nature-based elements is easily accomplished. The following images should inspire some fern patterned décor ideas for you.  

 Fern Wallpaper Pattern  

Fern-patterned wallpaper creates a sense of drama and elegance in this petite powder room. 

 Tiny art of different types of ferns create a pretty gallery wall. These particular pieces are the result of a DIY project. 

  Fern Green Prints

Three prints of fern curls look terrific above a black buffet. The green contrasts with the black frames. A lighting fixture above or sitting on the console would be a nice touch.

  Eco-friendly fern patterns

Eco friendly fabrics for the dining room have their own interpretive fern pattern. I like the block prints coordinating with the table accoutrements. 

  Fern Pattern  Green Chair

A lovely tufted chair boasts a charming fern and bird pattern. This chair would look quite lovely in a nature-themed living room or bedroom. 

  Fern Green Wallpaper

A colorful paper features a flowering fern print in this contemporary living room. The differing green hues creates a cohesive space without being repetitive. A fun light fixture sits beside the sofa. 

  Fern Green and White Throw Pillow

Adding fern patterned pillows to a bed, chair or sofa will give the room a natural feel.

  Wood and Fern Leaf  Brown and Green Accents

A delicious looking chocolate cake decorated with wood and leaf accents sits in front of fern patterned wallpaper. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 I hope you enjoyed my mini obsession with fern decor and don't forget to check out Arcadian Lighting for some great floor lamps for your next fern inspired room.    

Thanks, Joanna for jump starting our creativity this week. Of course my favorite is the black & white fern wallpaper.

Happy Designing!

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