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July 2, 2012

Atlanta Interior Designer: DIY Door Designs...

I don't know what's up with me lately, but I find myself really into doors....the shapes, colors, and how we could give this seemingly function-only portion our our homes some designer pizazz. I find myself really taking notice of them when I'm in other people's homes.

Maria Killiam wrote a blog post this week about her own door going from something that blended to a fabulous kelly green...and so I thought yes, great minds think alike! We should all be dazzling up our doors! You can read Maria's post here.

Idea Number One: Paint your door a fabulous color!

I found more blue doors than anything while searching for pictures of painted doors. The turquoise blues are happy welcoming colors so I see why so many want their entrances giving off this type of energy.

For you city dwellers...


Chartruese for my modern mammas (and pappas) out there! Love this one...

Pink. This shows a good blend between a feminine color and cooler building elements.

 This shows that painting the exterior of your door a color that relates well to your interiors is a good way to set the tone for what's to come.

Happy Yellow :)

My favorite...Black! This is a good selection for this house, given the black bannister and stair treads. Absolutely adore black and golds.

Idea Number Two: Stencil or Add a Design

 My back door is a single glass pane encased by a small molding like this one. This would only take only an hour and make a big impact! Cute idea...

 Any talented painters out there? They actually do make mural stencils out there that could create this type of look. Or try toning it down to a simple vine & leaf pattern if you're not as talented with the paint brush.

I love the idea of having a mirror close by to reflect the paint color. This is a great way to add dimension to a flat paneled door.

Who doesn't love a good monogram? This reminds me of a swanky residence or posh bed & breakfast on Melrose.

Nice geometric design on a flat door. What's not to love here...gray, yellow, a tulip table, bamboo chairs and a puppy! Yes please...

There's a lot going on here but it makes a statement, that's for sure!
Three colors of paint from what I can tell.

You can always spruse up your doors by adding fresh & funky hardware or a stand out door knocker.

Any more ideas for doors? My head is kind of spinning from that last one...

Happy Designing,

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