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December 27, 2011


Christmas is over and things are starting to get back to normal here...if normal even exists in my world. It's been a wild few weeks but I'm excited about some very exciting things on the horizon.

With a New Year rapidly approaching, I figured I'd take it easy on you and give you something to clear your mind...

Top 5 "ghost" pieces of the... day :)

 I've used this photo before because I love & need a black desk in my life. But the other thing I adore here are the acrylic side panels. They make the desk so much less-imposing while still using a powerful color.

I'm not sure how much more obsessed with this chair I could be. It literally makes me drool. I have got to find this or another form of a ghost Klismos-esk chair (my all time favorite chair style). I definitely think this is the chair that my in-progress office is meant to have.

The classic Louis Ghost Chair. Possibly the first acrylic or lucite piece that made me fall for it hard. Nursery, office, dining table, living room, master bedroom, foyer, front porch, ....I really can't think of a place I wouldn't want to use this bad boy. Sometimes I think it's because I play with so much color all day long,  I naturally gravitate to a strict lack of color. It allows my mind to just...breathe a little.

An adorable guest or young child's room utilizing another top 5 clear idea, nesting tables.

I love this space (did I mention the wing chair in the left corner? yum!) The acrylic or lucite cocktail table is one of those pieces that I think adds some flair to any type of space. This mostly modern & neutral room welcomes it with open arms. I think this looks great in the midst of a bunch of antiques, stretched out in a completely traditional space, or even in a room bouncing with color...just to ground it a bit.

Yes...I do believe I am in love. Thoughts?


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