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February 8, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Painting large spaces...

Part two, following our tips on how to paint small spaces is naturally, how to paint LARGE spaces. This can seem like a daunting task for the DIYer. I don't find this nearly as complicated as painting small rooms.

Tip One
 Selecting a warm, mid to dark tone for a large space generally makes the room feel more intimate. Try rich chocolates, jewel-tones, or deeper yellows/golds.

Tip Two
Selecting a lighter color can be easier if you are painting yourself...easier to blend and can create an airy look. Be careful of making it too bland!

Tip Three
Textured walls, faux painting, and stenciling work really well in larger areas. Try an accent wall for a focal point. It's nice to have somewhere for the eyes to grip on to in a big space.

Tip Four
Not wanting it to feel too intimate? Try a warmer neutral color, such as Sherwin-William's Hopsack or Benjamin Moore's Caramel apple... two of my all time favorite colors

Caramel Apple

Happy Painting!

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