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February 6, 2012

ATLANA INTERIOR DESIGNER: How to paint small spaces...

How to paint small spaces!

I've had my fair share of paint color consultations with clients. Often I get questioned on how to paint small spaces to make them appear larger & which colors help this task. No, the only answer isn't white...and no, I don't even think there are certain rules that apply to every small space. I do think that over time I've come across things that work well. Here's some of my best advice on how to paint smaller spaces.

Tip one
Painting the entire room one color, including base moldings, crown moldings, windows, and any paneling. This can make all the planes melt together which helps the eye focus on the color, rather than boundaries & size of a room.

Tip Two
Some of the best advice I was given was choosing sharp colors. According to designer Mark McCauley, choosing a palette of sharper colors as opposed to duller ones are better for smaller rooms. Sharp as in BRIGHT. Hot reds, electric blues, yellows, and greens. This can enhance a rooms clarity and openness.

Try my favorite blue of the day- Fine Paints of Europe Delft Blue 4003
Tip Three
I'm not always a fan of accent walls....most times I feel that if a design is well thought out and complete, there would be no need to add this. But, in a really small space, adding an accent or clear focal wall in a darker, richer color can also trick your eye into thinking the room is more open. Almost like that focal wall is receding.

Tip Four
Go the form of painted vertical stripes on the wall, above your chair rail, or even adding ceiling to floor drapery panels (two shades lighter or darker than paint color) can add vertical interest & expand the look of your room. I usually think the stripes work best with no crown moldings cutting them off short...or even by running them onto the ceiling to add more dimension!
What tricks have you used to create an illusion of a bigger space?
Stay tuned for part two later this week... How to paint large spaces!
Happy Designing!

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