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March 26, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Best Exterior Color Combos...

I know...I've been MIA! My work life has been so busy & it's been hard to keep up with the blog the last couple of weeks (not complaining). I know it won't always be so busy so I have to count my lucky stars for the clients I have & keep on truckin' so to speak. Good things coming up this week! It will probably help me just to get some of these ideas out of my head to free up space :) So let's jump right in....

It's officially Spring! More time is being spent in the great outdoors and the focus is turning from the interior to the exterior of our homes. I came across a website and found some great exterior color combinations that I love & thought were great selections for nearly anyone. (FYI, the Secondary Body color is to be used on shutters, garage doors, etc)

Main Body: Sandstone Beige
Secondary Body: Khaki Brown
Trim: Arctic
 Main Body: Autumn Tan
         Secondary Body: Boothbay Blue
 Trim: Navajo Beige

Main Body: Cobblestone
Secondary Body: Monterey Taupe
Trim: Antique White

Main Body: Countrylane Red
Secondary Body: Monterey Taupe
Trim: Cobblestone

Main Body: Heathered Moss
Secondary Body: Khaki Brown
Trim: Navajo Beige

A few amazing exteriors for your inspiration :)

Happy Designing!

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