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March 27, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Feng Shui: The Bedroom Episode...

I have had some specific requests for more Feng Shui tips so I decided to move into the bedroom!

Tips for creating a Fung Shui bedroom
  • No television, exercise equipment, or computer (unless there is a separate room or sitting area used for an office).
  • Open the windows often to fill the room with fresh air & push the stale oxygen out!
  • Use several levels of lighting including table lamps & overhead lighting.
  • Use appropriate & soothing colors. Some Fung Shui followers suggest using "skin-tone" colors in the bedroom which can range from an ivory, to pinky-beige, to chocolate brown & everything in between. See this post for help with paint colors.
  • No mirror directly across from the bed or where your body will lay at night.
  • Keep all the doors closed while you sleep. This way the energy can roam freely within the boundaries of your room all night and will strengthen your health and the health of your relationship (if two are sleeping in the same room).
  • Have the bed easily approachable from both sides.
  • Two bedside tables to create symmetry and balance.
  • Use a large area rug if you have a hard floor (hard wood, tile, etc.)
  • Avoid having the bed directly in line with the door.
  • Live plants always help improve the energy of a space.
  • Keep a clean & organized bedroom at all times so they energy of your room flows instead of stutters :)
Examples of Good Feng Shui in the bedroom

For more Fung Shui tips visit here.

Happy Chi!

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