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May 22, 2012

ATLANTA INTERIOR DESIGNER: Ramsgate Project Before & Afters...

Remember the Ramsgate Project? This was a client's rental property that was basically destroyed upon eviction. This was not a happy story...but a happy ending it will be! We were able to make it 10 times better than it was to begin with. Here are some before & afters I've been working on...

We changed the faux wood grain laminate counter top to a wonderful painted top! It's super durable, easy to fix if somehow the counter was damaged, and provides an incredible updated look for a fraction of the cost to replace the entire counter top. Available in solid colors or you can add colored specs to compliment the surroundings and add dimension. Thoughts?

This pictures shows the main living area. We changed the flooring from mauve to neutral which really shows off our new paint & trim. The tile threshold (at back door & hearth) blends much better with this carpet than the last. We used Sherwin-Williams color Tony Taupe for the walls. This color has a hint of gray which blends well with the existing stone work. The ceilings were painted the same color as the walls. This not only allows the space to appear larger, but also camouflages the pop corn ceilings.

This is the view of the stairwell with newly white painted trim, handrails & new carpeting. White is a little more bossy than the previous natural oak...and I kind of like that :)

Remember this? YUCK. Both bathrooms got matching painted counters, re grout of tile, deep extra-deep clean, and new paint & trim!

I'm so happy we were able to make this budget-friendly project turn out the way we did. Of course this is a rental-owners nightmare having to start back beyond square one to have their property be rentable again. This property is officially on the market again & ready to make a happy home! 

On another note... Heather Elizabeth Designs as a company is undergoing some amazing changes. Stay tuned for some very exciting updates!

 Happy Designing!

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