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January 6, 2012


"Does the front door facing my staircase create bad Feng Shui?"

I've probably been asked this more in the last two months than ever before... and the short answer, is yes.

The main door of your home in Feng Shui, is called "The Mouth of Chi". Feng Shui followers believe that having the front or main door of the home facing a staircase directly can create bad energy. This allows the 'energy' or 'chi' to rush up or down the stairs, thus leaving the main floor without enough energy nourishment. You're basically letting all the good stuff fly right out the front door ;) states "In case of a big foyer with a staircase further from the door, the energy can settle in and nourish the space, gradually and harmoniously finding its way to other areas of the house. When the foyer is small, though, and the staircase is facing the main door directly, the energy takes a rushed and fragmented quality, being forced to quickly rush up or down the stairs."

Interior Design practices to promote good energy in a foyer will sometimes include adding elements to slow down the energy so it can settle in a nourish the space. Ideas would be adding a live plant, area rug, mirror (although never facing the entrance directly- which reflects the energy out, instead of inviting it in), or strategically placed artwork.

Bad Feng Shui

My tips for this space would be to take steps to "create" a foyer area and slow down your energy by;

1. Add an area rug in front of the door as well as in the living room area.

2. Create a symmetrical picture or art work arrangement to the right of the door.

3.  Remove the current table and lamp to the left of the door. In it's place add a taller foyer style table, with mirror hanging above. A rounded or demilune table will allow the energy to meander around it, rather than shoot off squared or straight edges.

Good Feng Shui

I love this space...period. But for the focus of good Feng Shui, notice the symmetry of two wing chairs and two floral arrangements complete with area rug to slow the energy down and allow it to nourish your space. Also, staircase (complete with rolling arm rails) not directly facing the front entrance.

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Happy FRIDAY...which to me usually means tomorrow is my Monday...but you can at least enjoy it for me. Have a great weekend!


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