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January 27, 2012

Upholstered Beds...

Well, time is flying and I've been a busy busy bee these last two weeks. Probably the longest I've ever gone without an update... so sorry to keep you waiting!

One of the things I really truly adore are upholstered headboards or entire beds wrapped in fabulous fabric of your choosing. Although you can cover your upholstered beds in any variety, color, or pattern your heart desires, I generally prefer to keep them solid and neutral so they stand the test of time.  Here are few of my daily faves...

Each room has a different feel to it but cozy is definitely on the list. You can go custom and create the shape of your dreams or order a ready made, customizable option such as the one's from I.O. Metro (Nina, Graham, or Mosely). They are available in 100's of fabrics and most importantly, affordable!
Let you're imagination run free...the possibilities are endless!
Happy Designing!
Photos from Decorpad

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