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January 5, 2012

Platner Chair...

Next time you're searching for contemporary or modern design inspiration, check out where there's a commitment to sustainable design. The site features a Mies can der Rohe Barcelona Collection that is sure to please along with a wide variety of textiles, tables, and seating. My main discovery, which eventually led me to their site, was the search for the Platner chair. I've seen showing up in the greatest spaces!


The Platner chair adds that bit of modern sophistication you've been searching high and low worries, here it is!

Yes, even Ms. Free-Spirit Fashion Designer Betsey Johnson has several of these beauties in yellow. She once said, "When you're designing clothing, you really only have one point of focus, and that's the body. But home is fabrics and furniture and floors and natural light. If fashion is a planet, home is more like a universe." So we know she's a super smart lady :)

Featured twice (that I know of) in Elle Decor including this photo above and in their 'Special Edition' that just came out this Month.

Love it or hate it? Tell me what you think!

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Happy Designing!

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